Mlc kavitha: Answer these Amit Shah ji .. Twitter is a rain of poetry questions as a platform ..

Union Home Minister and top BJP leader Amit Shah will tour Telangana on Saturday. BJP state president Bandi Sanjay’s second phase of the Praja Sangram Yatra was held in the suburbs of Hyderabad …

Mlc kavitha: Union Home Minister, BJP top leader Amit Shah will tour Telangana on Saturday. BJP state president Bandi Sanjay will address a large BJP – led public meeting in Thukkuguda, a suburb of Hyderabad, on the sidelines of the second phase of the campaign. On the occasion of Amit Shah coming to the state, the leader of Teresa, Emmelsie Kavita took to Twitter as a platform to ask questions.

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Amit Shah ji asked if the center has given anything to the children of Telangana. When you meet the people of Telangana today you were asked to explain why the Central Government has failed to give Telangana a single IIT, IIM, IISER, Triple IIT, NID, Medical College or Navodaya schools in the last eight years. Rs. He also questioned when the Finance Commission would pay the arrears of over Rs 3,000 crore in grants. Similarly, the backward region is Rs. 1,350 crore, GST compensation of Rs. The poem questioned Amit Shah as to what 2,247 crore was.

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Asked what is your answer to skyrocketing inflation. Amit Shah ji questioned what would be said about the rising unemployment and religious riots since the BJP government came to power at the Center. Mission Kakatiya and Mission Bhagiratha received Rs. “Tell me why the central government ignored the Nitish Aayog’s recommendation to give Rs 24,000 crore,” Kavita said. Kavitha questioned Amit Shah on whether it was hypocrisy of the central government to deny national project status to the Upper Bhadra Irrigation Project in Karnataka and the Ken Betwa Linkage Project. Kavita was asked on Twitter to respond to all of this.

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