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Story Highlights

  • Assembly elections in 5 states including UP
  • The code of conduct comes into force with the announcement
  • Violation also has strict action

Model Code of Conduct Explainer: The date for the announcement of the dates for the assembly elections of 5 states including Uttar Pradesh has come today. Along with this, the code of conduct will also be implemented in these five states. The Election Commission has made some rules to conduct free and fair elections, it is called the code of conduct. Many changes take place as soon as the code of conduct comes into force. The state governments become unarmed and the Election Commission becomes the great force. Many restrictions are imposed on the state governments. All work is stopped.

Why does the state government become unarmed?

1. Minister-Chief Minister-MLA gets banned

No minister, MLA, even the Chief Minister of the government can meet any official involved in the election process.

Government aircraft, vehicles cannot be used to benefit any party or candidate. Ministers-Chief Minister can use the government vehicle from his official residence to his office only for official work.

No minister of the state government or any political worker can use a car with a siren, even if the vehicle is private.

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2. Government cannot even transfer any officer-employee

The officers-employees of the State and the Center work like the employees of the Election Commission till the completion of the election process.

In the code of conduct, the government cannot transfer or post any government officer or employee. If any officer transfer or posting is necessary, then the permission of the commission will have to be taken.

3. Cannot use government money

During the code of conduct, government money cannot be used for advertising or public relations. If such ads are already running, they will be removed.

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There can be no new planning, construction work, inauguration or foundation stone laying. If some work has already started then it can continue.

If any kind of natural calamity or epidemic has occurred, then the government wants to take any measures at such a time, then the permission of the Election Commission will have to be taken first.

4. There are many restrictions on campaigning

– Temple, mosque, church, gurudwara or any religious place cannot be used for election campaign.

– Political parties can use any number of vehicles (including two-wheelers) for campaigning, but first the permission of the Returning Officer has to be taken.

– Any party or candidate will have to take the permission of the police before taking out a rally or procession or holding an election meeting.

DJ cannot be used from 10 pm to 6 am. Even if there is to be a rally, it will not be before 6 in the morning and after 10 in the night.

Why does the Election Commission become Mahabali?

1. Before doing anything, the approval of the commission is necessary

During the code of conduct, many restrictions are imposed on the Minister-Chief Minister-MLA. If the government wants to do anything, it has to first tell the commission and get its approval.

No minister of the center or state can call any officer involved in the election process.

2. Strict Action on Violations

If any candidate violates the code of conduct, then he can be banned from campaigning.

A criminal case can also be filed against the candidate for violation. Not only this, there is also a provision of going to jail.

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