MP: 8 crores spent on treatment of corona patient by farmer Rewa MP farmer died in Chennai ntc

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  • Dharamjay Singh was infected with Corona in April 2021
  • Treatment going on in Chennai’s Apollo Hospital since May 18

It is said that life and death is an irrefutable truth, a person cannot do anything even if he wants to. Something similar was seen in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh. Here a promising farmer fought against Corona for 8 months. During this, he also spent more than 8 crores on treatment. But his life could not be saved.

Dharamjay Singh, a 50-year-old advanced farmer of Rewa, had corona in April 2021. He was admitted to the hospital in Rewa. When he did not get relief here, he was airlifted and admitted to Apollo Hospital in Chennai on 18 May. Here he was treated for about 8 months. But Dharamjay Singh died on Tuesday. More than Rs 8 crore had been spent in his treatment for 8 months.

London doctors were treating Dharmajay along with the country’s renowned doctors at Apollo Hospital. Infection in Dharmajay’s lungs had spread very much. He was undergoing treatment for lungs in Apollo, during that time his kidney failed and he had a brain hemorrhage. After getting corona infected, Dharmajay underwent treatment for about 254 days i.e. more than 8 months. Dharamjay Singh was also on ventilator in Rewa Hospital for several days. After this, it was placed on the Exmo machine in Apollo. The charge of this machine alone was more than Rs 1 lakh for a day. On top of this, about 3 lakh rupees were being spent daily including medicines, doctor’s fees and other expenses. For this the family sold up to 50 acres of land.

Dharamjay Singh’s lungs were 100% infected. Due to lung infection, an attempt was being made to give him a new life through the Ecmo machine. Renowned doctors of the country and abroad did the treatment. Doctors from London were coming to Apollo Hospital to treat him. Along with this, doctors of other countries were also being consulted online. Acmo was kept on the machine for eight months only at the behest of the doctors of London. He was completely fine. But he died due to brain hemorrhage.

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Dharamjay Singh, who belonged to the Zamindar Dharana, was a progressive farmer. There is more than thousand acres of ancestral land between three brothers. Dharamjay was the youngest of the brothers, the elder brother is an advocate and social worker, while the middle brother is in Chitrakoot Gramodaya University. The President has also honored Dharamjay Singh. Dharamjay Singh had given recognition to the cultivation of strawberries and roses. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan honored him in the main function on 26 January 2021. Dharamjay was engaged in social service during Corona, during which he got infected.

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