MP: Case registered against villagers who organized banquet on monkey’s death in Rajgarh – Madhya pradesh Case registered villagers organized banquet death monkey Rajgarh ntc

Story Highlights

  • The case of gathering crowd on the death of monkey during the time of Corona
  • Case registered in many sections including Disaster Management Act

On the 11th day after the death of a monkey in Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh (MP), the people of Dalupura village collected donations and performed rituals along with the last rites. A program of death feast was also organized for the peace of the monkey. Thousands of people had gathered in this program of death feast. In the midst of Corona cases, Khilchipur Police has taken action against gathering a huge crowd in Dalupura village for the death feast of the monkey.

According to the information, the police have registered a case against Arjun Singh and Harisingh and other people of the village. After the death of the monkey in Dalupura village on Monday, the villagers collected donations and fed thousands of people at the funeral.

what was the matter

A monkey had reached village Dalupura near Khilchipur tehsil of Rajgarh district trembling with cold. The monkey died on the night of 29 December due to deteriorating health. The villagers and women of Dalupura village became emotional about the death of the monkey. On December 30, the funeral procession of the monkey was taken out with a bandwagon. The last rites were performed outside the village. After the death of the monkey, all the funeral rituals were performed according to Hindu customs. 10 days after the monkey’s death, villagers took the ashes to Ujjain and got them immersed and shaved. On the eleventh day of the death, food was prepared in the village by putting up big tents for the funeral.

Thousands of people had gathered to eat food

Condolence letters of the monkey’s death were distributed to the people around. Invitation was given to have food in the death feast. On Monday, a crowd of thousands of people gathered in the village to eat food for the monkey’s death feast. Station in-charge Khilchipur Pradeep Golia said that information was received yesterday. A big program is being organized in village Dalupura, it was confirmed. Bhagwan Singh Sondhia, the watchman of village Dalupura, appeared at the police station.

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He made a written application. The monkey had died on Wednesday, the last rites of that monkey were done by law in the village. A death banquet was organized. A large number of people gathered. Violation of Corona guidelines. On the application, a case has been registered against the organizer Hari Singh Sondhia, Arjun Singh Sondhia resident of village Dalupura under sections 188, 269, 270 IPC including Disaster Management Act.

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