MP farmer threw his crop on the road lbsa when the garlic crop was not available in the mandi

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  • forced to throw or burn the crop
  • threw all the garlic on the road

MP Garlic Farming Loss: On one hand, the government is promising to double the income of farmers by making agriculture a profitable business. On the other hand, farmers are still not getting the right price for their crops and they are forced to throw or burn their crops. The cost of garlic in Madhya Pradesh is currently Rs 20-30 per kg. In such a situation, Sunil Patidar, a farmer of Dasai in Dhar district, threw his entire trolley full of garlic on the road for not getting the right price for the garlic produce.

The Patidars had gone to sell their 20 kg garlic in the mandi located in Indore. But they did not get the right price there. After which the Patidar threw all his garlic on the road. A video of this is going viral on social media.

Patidar told that the farmer is not getting the right price in the market. They also did not get it, so in anger they threw garlic on the roadside. Farmer Sunil Patidar told that he did this because his expenses were not being met.

Patidar told that 25 thousand rupees are spent on cultivating garlic in one bigha. But it was sold in the market for Rs 500 per quintal. In such a situation, he threw garlic when there was a loss. Patidar said that I had grown garlic on three bighas of land and sold one bigha of crop. 60 thousand rupees were spent in 3 bighas. But this expense was not coming out on selling.

Patidar said that what should the farmer do in such a situation. We are very upset. We want the government to think about us. The government says that we will double the income of farmers in 2022, but how will we do it? If the farmer continues to throw his crop like this, then the income will not double and will be reduced. That’s why we want the government to think something about the farmers.

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(Report- Chhotu Shastri)

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