MP: Nephew gang-raped maternal uncle with friend, started blackmailing him by making a video – Gwalior nephew along with a friend raped his aunt Arrested tste

Story Highlights

  • The incident in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
  • Police took the accused into custody

In Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, a nephew along with a friend has gang-raped the maternal uncle. Before the gang-rape, the aunt was fed with water mixed with intoxicants. Nude pictures of Mami, also shot VIDEO. The incident is of Hanuman Nagar Gola temple on the evening of December 31. After this, the nephew started blackmailing Mami by threatening to make the VIDEO viral.

On Sunday, the accused again called the aunt to their room. When aunt protested, she sent her nude video on maternal uncle’s mobile. As soon as the video surfaced, the woman along with her husband reached the temple police station of Gola and complained. Police have arrested both the accused by registering a case of gangrape.

What is the whole matter?

21-year-old Kavita (name changed) resident of Tikamgarh lives with her husband on rent in Hanuman Nagar located at Gola Ka Mandir in Gwalior. Kavita’s husband works as a laborer nearby. This is where the nephew of the woman lives at some distance. On the evening of December 31, the nephew called his maternal aunt and asked him to come home if there was some urgent work.

When the woman reached the nephew’s house, Akash Mahour, a friend of the nephew, was also there. Both gave water to Mami to drink. After that she started going to sleep. At the same time, the nephew and his friend gang-raped the maternal uncle. Not only this, he also made VIDEO without clothes.

After the incident, both the accused threatened that if they said anything to anyone, they would make the video viral and shoot your husband with a knife. After this, the scared woman returned to her house, but the accused nephew started blackmailing her. On January 9, the accused called and asked the woman to come back to his house and have a relationship with her.

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The woman protested this action of the nephew. When the maternal uncle opposed the action of the nephew, then the nephew made a nude video of the maternal uncle at the time of rape and sent it to the uncle’s mobile on Sunday. The woman’s husband started a dispute with her as soon as she reached home. Then the woman told about the whole incident.

After this, both reached the temple police station of Gola and told the whole thing to the police. The police immediately registered a case of gangrape and blackmailing and arrested the accused. In this case, the accused are being taken into custody and interrogated.

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