MP: Prostitution was happening under the guise of spa center, 18 including foreign girls were caught – Spa Center Crime Branch Mahila police raid foreign girl caught high profile sex racket busted indore tstc

Story Highlights

  • Prostitution was going on under the guise of spa center
  • 18 people including foreign girls arrested
  • Police engaged in investigation of foreign girls

In Indore, Madhya Pradesh, a high profile sex racket was busted by the Crime Branch and Mahila Thana Police on Thursday by taking joint action. It is being told that the business of prostitution was being carried out under the guise of spa centre. The police have arrested many youths including foreign girls. Police said that all these were found in objectionable condition. The police is now investigating all the aspects related to the business of prostitution thoroughly.

Prostitution was going on under the guise of spa center

Let us tell you, the police cracked down on the immoral sex trade running in the name of Family Salon Spa Skin Clinic and took a big action defying the local police. It is being told that even a few months ago, the police had arrested many foreign girls after raiding the same spa center. During this action 10 girls and 8 boys have been arrested. Some foreign girls are also included in this. According to women’s police station TI Jyoti Sharma, interrogation of the boys and girls arrested during the action is going on.

Police has already raided the spa center

Two months ago, the broker, who had brought girls from Bangladesh to prostitution, was arrested by the police of Vijayanagar police station in Indore. Two girls and 4 people were also caught. Dalal had told during interrogation that he used to bring girls from Bangladesh to Indore and supply them to other areas. Even before this, such business has been busted from many areas of Indore. Police is working strictly on this matter. Police say that strict legal action will be taken against those caught in any such case.

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Many foreign girls also involved in prostitution

Giving more information on this matter, Jyoti Sharma, in-charge of the women’s station said that this is a joint venture of the crime branch and the women’s police station and was raided together. On the basis of secret information, it was found that the Shagun Building where some unethical prostitution is going on, action was taken on it even before this. Once again raiding there, many women and men have been caught. These include some foreign women, about whom concrete information is being obtained. Last year, there was a spa named Atom at the same place and action was taken against it too. Even then many women and men were caught in the raid.

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