MP: ‘punish wife after my death’, young man who reached suicide calls police

Story Highlights

  • A young man troubled by his wife reached the railway track to commit suicide
  • Police kept the young man entangled on the phone for one and a half hours

In Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, a young man troubled by his wife reached the railway track to commit suicide. The person said that he does not want to go home. Not only this, he himself called the police about the suicide. Said that he wants his wife to be punished after his death. Said that life has to end now. After a while the police reached the spot. After explaining to him, he agreed to go home.

On dial 100, a caller called and told that he is sitting on the railway track getting upset with his wife. The caller told that he made the call so that after his death, action would be taken against his wife. After the call, the staff posted in the police station Hanumanganj FRV started looking for the caller. Due to non-confirmation of the location, information was given to Chola, Gautam Nagar, Station Bajaria from the control room. The FRV staff kept him engrossed in talking on his mobile.

After about one and a half hours, the police found the caller on the railway track under Gautam Nagar police station. When the policemen wanted to know the reason for committing suicide from that person, the person told that he does not want to go home.

The young man was repeatedly saying that being upset with his wife, he was trying to commit suicide. The police explained the man with great difficulty. He was brought to the police station. After that he was handed over to the relatives.

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