MP: Villagers gave mass feast on monkey’s death, 11 thousand people attended – Madhya pradesh rajgarh Villagers mass feast monkey death 11 thousand people attended ntc

Story Highlights

  • The case of Rajgarh district of Madhya Pradesh
  • A few days ago a sick monkey had died

A unique example of humanity came to the fore in Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh (MP). The whole village was saddened by the death of a monkey here. He was cremated according to Hindu rituals. On Monday, as part of religious activities, the people of the village organized a Bhandara. In this Bhandara, about 11 thousand people took prasad.

The last rites of the monkey were performed in the 11th pilgrimage city of Ujjain by law. After reaching there, the people of the village got shaved and on the 12th, 5 thousand people took Prasadi in village Dalupura. Dalupura Sarpanch Arjun Singh told that 12 days ago today a monkey had come to our village, he was ill. He was taken to Rajgarh and treated, but could not survive. After this the monkey was cremated. Then got his third program done and took his ashes and immersed him in the Shipra river after performing a program in Ujjain.

Funeral performed according to Hindu rituals

Sarpanch Arjun Singh said that we consider monkey as the form of Hanuman ji, we also see human form in it. In view of the history of human civilization, monkeys are also our ancestors. According to Hindu belief, the local people took out his funeral procession with a band and performed the last rites according to Hindu customs. The whole village was involved in this. During this, the Prasad of Kadhi, Sev Puri and Buttermilk was distributed among the villagers in the Bhandara.

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