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  • Happiness came in Panna Tiger Reserve
  • Tigress was seen walking with 2 cubs

Panna Tiger Reserve of Madhya Pradesh is buzzing with tigers these days. Because of which tourists are coming here from far and wide to see them. A good news has come out from Panna Tiger Reserve on the new year. Two little guests have arrived here. For the first time, these cubs have been caught on camera walking behind the mother in the camera. Let me tell you, in the Panna Tiger Reserve, the young tigress gave birth to two cubs for the first time.

The area operator of Panna Tiger Reserve says that tigress P-213 (63) is the child of tigress P-213 of Panna Tiger Reserve, which has turned 3 years old. There are now about 70 tigers, including twenty tiger cubs, in Panna Tiger Reserve. Which are attracting the tourists coming to the Tiger Reserve. A large number of tourists are reaching here.

Little cubs step with their mother

Uttam Kumar Sharma, the field director of Panna Tiger Reserve, said that it has been seen in the camera that the tigress is walking with her two young cubs. Both the cubs look completely healthy. Maintaining complete supervision of management. There is an atmosphere of happiness in Panna Tiger Reserve and the number of tigers has now exceeded 70.

The age of the cubs is about 2-3 months

The age of tiger cubs is said to be around 2-3 months. P-213 (62) and both the cubs are healthy. There is an atmosphere of happiness in the PTR management regarding the birth of these 2 cubs.

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