Mundka accident: 6 girls rescued then jumped from third floor… some such angels were present in the building – Heroes of Delhi Mundka Fire incident who saved dozens of lives before self ntc

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    So far 27 people have died in the accident, the father of the 27 missing building owner also lost his life.

One would be shaken from within seeing the accident that happened in Delhi’s Mundka on Friday. The screams of the people amidst the flames were intimidating. Seeing this horrifying scene, where everyone was busy saving themselves, there were some people present in the building who were trying to save the people trapped in the building by risking their lives. Aaj Tak / GNT and India Today spoke to such bravehearts and got to know the inside of the building of the accident.

The only earner in the house still risked his life

Mamta Devi is 52 years old. Was working in the factory for the last 8 days. Her husband is handicapped and cannot walk. There are two children in the house. She is the only earner in the family. Mamta told that when the fire started there was an outcry all around. People were running to save their lives. Suddenly the heat in the room increased so much that some people fainted. As soon as the glass broke the crane machine came near that window.

Before saving her life, Mamta thought it necessary to save the lives of the little girls trapped in the building. Mamta told that she first brought those girls down. After that, she ran to the room and saw if there was any other girl left. When no one was found, decided to leave from there. He told that when there was no way to get out from there, he jumped from the building. Due to this, his hands and feet have been injured.

Breaking glass with the help of friends brought people down by crane

27-year-old Avinash has been working in the factory for 1 year. Avinash told that the meeting was going on on the second floor, in which about 70 to 80 people were involved. Then suddenly the heat started increasing in the room. An employee came upstairs opening the door below and fainted. As the heat in the room increased, so did the smoke all around. In such a situation, Avinash and his associates tried to break the glass of the building with the help of tables, chairs, sharp things that came to them to get out of the building, but the glass was not breaking.

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Avinash told that after half an hour of hard work, the glass broke, but instead of saving ourselves, we got the women trapped in the building down through a crane. After that everyone came out safely. Avinash told that when this accident happened, screams were heard all around. At that time, the only thing going on in my mind was that I should save the people as soon as possible.

First saved the lives of unconscious people then his own

Vineet Kumar told that the scene inside the building at the time of the fire was heart-wrenching. People were falling unconscious on the ground. People were running over them to save their lives. I tried to save the lives of those who have fallen down or are in a state of unconsciousness. Me and my other comrades together saved the lives of more than 12 people.

Vineet told that the scene was so intimidating that for a moment I thought that I should save myself first, but in the next moment it came to my mind that these are the same people with whom I work, eat together, I sit together so I didn’t get down.

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