Never seen such an accident at a metro station before, a collision with a speeding car, then glass burst, a young man fell from the second floor. Major accident in metro station, man fell on stairs after breaking glass, died

Digital Desk, New Delhi. A horrific accident took place in the country’s capital Delhi on Monday night, in which a scooty rider broke the glass of the metro station and fell on the stairs two floors down. The accident was so terrible that the vehicle got stuck in the mirror and the person fell on the stairs inside the metro station. The driver was taken to the hospital after the accident, but he died during treatment.

Actually, the Vidhan Sabha metro station is completely adjacent to the road and there is only a thin divider in the middle of it. If a speeding vehicle comes and collides with it, then it will definitely enter the underground metro station, not only that, it will fall almost two floors down. Due to which there is every chance of getting a major accident.

At present, the police is investigating the incident and gathering information about the matter. The accidental vehicle seized by the police is damaged from both the front and rear, which is clearly indicating that a speeding vehicle has hit from behind and due to which the scooty went straight and hit the glass gate and in the middle. Was trapped, while after the collision the driver fell down on the gate.

Delhi Police is currently scanning the CCTVs around the metro station to get information about the incident. A Delhi Police official said, “We scanned the CCTV footage when the family members expressed doubts over the incident. But so far it appears that Tirath Singh was riding at high speed when he suddenly hit the glass. struck.”

Earlier, an alcoholic had spread rumors about the accident, where he said that someone hit Singh from behind but when the police questioned him, he did not say anything.

Police said that Tirath Singh, an electrician living in Aruna Nagar in Delhi’s Majnun Ka Tila area, had gone to Rohini from home on Monday evening to see one of his acquaintances. While returning on the scooter from there, as soon as he reached near the Vidhan Sabha metro station, suddenly the balance of his scooter was disturbed and he fell down breaking the glass of the metro station. Some of the people present on the spot informed his family about the accident. The family also reached the spot but on reaching the trauma center, the family came to know that Tirath Singh is no more.

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Meanwhile, Singh’s family has alleged that some other vehicle hit their scooter and caused the accident.

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