Now 80% cases of omicron variant in the country, but delta still stressed in Bengal: NTAGI chairman – covid third wave omicron cases new variant latest update india ntc

Story Highlights

  • Omicron variant spreading rapidly in the country
  • Hospitalization less, it is necessary to follow the corona protocol
  • Five more vaccines in the market in two to three months

Corona cases in the country are again increasing at a record speed. Rapid cases are coming to the fore in every state. Due to Omicron, cases are also increasing rapidly. But now how dangerous this third wave is going to be, how much danger of Omicron can be considered. Are there going to be more deaths in the coming time? Now all these questions have been answered in detail by Dr NK Arora, Chairman of NTAGI.

cases increased manifold

Dr. Arora told that now the third wave has knocked. This is very dangerous and this virus is behaving in the same way as it did before. It is spreading like fire in all the western countries of the world and its outbreak is being seen in India too. In India, cases have increased manifold in a week. The speed will depend on how much corona protocol we follow.

He further said that more cases will increase in the coming time. Omicron is propelling this wave further and most of the cases are also coming in front of this variant. About 70-80% percent of cases are from patients infected with Omicron. The delta is still active in the North East region and Bengal. There are more cases of the same being seen there. The doctor insisted that there was a greater need for hospitalization in Delta, but Omicron has not yet seen serious problems. He has appealed that in spite of all this, the elderly have to take care of themselves.

The danger is big, the vaccine is ready

However, he also said that there is no need to be afraid of Omicron. Very few people need to go to the hospital. Our war level preparations have been made. From oxygen to ICU beds, we are ready in every way. A lot has been learned from the first and second wave. We want that the peak does not come too much, so weekend and night curfews are being imposed. This will reduce the movement by 20-25%, it does not cure the disease but the growth slows down. Apart from all this, the doctor also expressed confidence about the vaccine. They say that in the next two to three months there will be four to five more vaccines that are manufactured in India. Also the mRNA vaccine will come in eight weeks and the intranasal vaccine is expected in six weeks.

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