Odisha Paving the Way for Eco Retreats in India Odisha paving the way for eco retreats in India

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Recent years have seen greater seasonal adversity with an increase in the duration of winter and summer due to climate change due to anthropogenic activities. Such seasonal changes are prompting people to take right decisions on time to save the environment and make the world a better place to live.
Odisha has taken a unique initiative in the country for an eco-friendly way of life and lifestyle. The state has set up an eco resort on the idyllic Ramchandi beach for great camping. Its theme is Sleep to the sound of the waves and wake up looking at the panoramic view of the ocean. This enchanting camp promises more exciting experiences of Odisha’s rich historical and architectural heritage.

Samit Garg, Founder, E Factor Experience Limited said, “The eco-retreat of Odisha is much more than just ancient monuments and sites. It’s also about life on the beach, water sports. Discussions are underway to replicate the eco-retreat model in markets in India.

While camping is already pretty eco-friendly, there are ways to make it even better. Eco-Retreat in Konark has ensured that their camping equipment design is eco-friendly. There are sustainable options ranging from cleaning to personal care bamboo toothbrushes, and dry grass dustbins.

It focused on other recreational activities including cultural performances, guided tours to nearby destinations of nature, culture, historical and architectural importance, water sports, ATV rides, beach volleyball and archery while providing a unique experience to the visitors Is.

Sachin R Jadhav, Tourism Secretary, Government of Odisha says that travelers should visit Sun Temple, Konark Museum, Boulkham Sanctuary and Golden Beach in Puri, which has recently been re-certified as Blue Flag Beach. Guests interested in arts and crafts can visit the heritage craft village Saharanpur where each house is an art gallery in itself. This splendid beachside retreat is definitely the perfect vacation spot that gives you peace of mind to rediscover yourself away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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