Omicron has reduced the risk of hospitalization, 115 deaths worldwide so far: Government – corona cases omicron latest reports updates by Central Health Ministry ntc

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  • 1 death from Omicron in India so far
  • Active cases of Kovid in the country 9,55,319
  • Sharp surge in COVID cases in India

The Union Health Ministry on Wednesday quoted the World Health Organization (WHO) as saying that Omicron is spreading faster than the delta variant of the corona virus. The good news is that the risk of hospitalization with Omicron is much lower than with Delta. Corona’s data has been confirmed in South Africa, UK, Canada, Denmark. A total of 115 deaths have been confirmed globally due to Omicron and 1 death from this new variant in India.

After reviewing the corona cases, the government has divided the condition of the patients into three parts – mild, moderate and severe. Along with this, the Ministry of Health has also changed the policy of discharging corona patients. Under this, if the fever does not come for three days after the report is positive, then the patient can be considered discharged and after that there is no need to undergo testing.

At the same time, if patients with moderate symptoms do not get fever for three consecutive days and their oxygen saturation remains more than 93 percent without oxygen support, then such patients can also be discharged on the advice of the doctor. During this also testing is not required. Whether he is in the hospital or in home isolation.

Apart from this, the serious patients who are being given oxygen continuously and their oxygen saturation level is not good, then treatment should be continued till their recovery. Such patients should be discharged only on the advice of the doctor.

Health Ministry’s Joint Secretary Lav Agarwal informed that India is witnessing a rapid spurt in COVID cases. The increasing cases of corona virus in Maharashtra, West Bengal, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala and Gujarat are a matter of concern. The Union Health Ministry said that the highest positivity rate in the country has been recorded in Maharashtra at 22.39%. Apart from this, the rate is 32.18% in West Bengal, 23.1% in Delhi and 4.47% in UP.

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The Health Ministry said that not only in India, the cases of Kovid are increasing in 159 countries globally. Eight countries in Europe have registered more than two times growth in the last two weeks. According to the data of 12 January, the number of active cases in the country has reached close to 9,55,319.

At the same time, 25,13,144 cases have been seen in the world in the last one week. Along with this, the number of active cases of corona in the world has increased to close to 4 crore 49 lakhs. The highest ever 31.59 lakh cases have been registered globally within a day.

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