Omicron News: These symptoms are also very dangerous, if you see them, get them checked immediately – Are symptoms of Omicron variant dangerous?

Omicron News: These symptoms are also very dangerous, if you see them, get them tested immediately

New symptoms are also being reported amid the increasing infection of Omicron and our research team is continuously creating a database of these symptoms. You should also pay attention to Omicron’s symptom update today. We have updated this with the help of CDC and other health agencies of America. Cold, cough, sore throat, fever, muscle pain, shortness of breath, these symptoms are known to all. But with these, swollen eyes can be a sign. A sudden change in the color of the skin, lips and nails is a new sign. Apart from this, feeling of pressure on the chest, constant sleepiness and diarrhoea, these symptoms can emerge if infected with Omicron. Watch this video.

While there’s a general consensus that an infection caused by Omicron is milder than Delta, some experts feel that symptoms of the new variant of concern are nothing to sneeze at. In recent days, as the Omicron variant sends cases skyrocketing worldwide, more and more testimonies have piled up of people being diagnosed with mild Covid infection but still feeling like death. Even people who are fully vaccinated or have taken booster shots are susceptible. Watch this video.

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