On Twitter, the person asked- Can we play cricket in weekend curfew? delhi police said yes we are good catchers ntc

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  • Police answering people’s questions on Twitter
  • People were questioning about the weekend curfew

During the weekend curfew in Delhi, Delhi Police had put up barricades at many places. Those who came out of the house were being challaned. Even through social media, Delhi Police was appealing to the people to stay in their homes during the curfew. It was being told to leave the house only when necessary or for any medical emergency.

The funny thing is that people are asking different types of questions on the Twitter handle of Delhi Police. People are asking whether cricket can be played during the lockdown?, How to get out of the house, how to bring medicine, how to buy vegetables, how to go to the airport, all such questions are being asked to Delhi Police and Delhi Police In a funny way, people have given the answer through Twitter.

A person asked a strange question to the Delhi Police on Twitter. Instead of giving a straight answer, the Delhi Police decided to reply in the style of cricket.

Delhi Police twitter

A user tweeted, ‘Can we play cricket with social distancing and masks…’ to which Delhi Police replied: “This is a silly thing, sir. It’s time to be more safe. Also Delhi Police is good at catching.” The Delhi Police’s tweet clarified that playing outdoor cricket is a bad idea and those involved in the weekend lockdown can be caught by the police for flouting the rules. Weekend curfew was imposed in Delhi from 10 pm on Friday to 5 am on Monday, including ‘Total Curfew’ under the Graded Response Action Plan on Monday.

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