Opportunity in disaster: Third Wave Coffee Cafe in discussion, more than 30 outlets across the country – Third Wave Coffee cafe going viral on social media know the reason behind the name ntc

Story Highlights

  • Already there are more than 30 outlets across the country
  • This coffee cafe is already there before the corona virus

These days there is a discussion about the third wave of Corona all over the world. On the other hand, the third wave that is being discussed in full swing on social media is actually of the ‘Third Wave Coffee’ cafe. Opened a few days ago in different markets of South Delhi, this Third Wave Coffee Cafe is rapidly gaining headlines on social media.

Third Wave Coffee?

The cafe is in a lot of discussion about its name. It is in discussion because Corona is spreading rapidly all over the world. Many countries are calling it the third wave, while many people are talking about the third wave of Corona in the coming days. In such a situation, suddenly the name Third Wave Coffee is making a splash on social media.

How did it get its name – Third Wave Coffee?

Its first outlet was opened in Bangalore in 2016 and today this third wave coffee has more than 30 outlets across the country. According to the marketing team of the cafe, the name of this cafe has nothing to do with the third wave of Karona. Actually it was named Third Wave Coffee because its purpose is to bring Third Revolution in the coffee industry. Today people are excited about coffee.

Target to open more than 150 outlets this year

According to the marketing team, the manner in which the name of the cafe is in the headlines on social media, curiosity is also being seen in the customers coming here. According to the company, the target is to open more than 150 outlets across the country in the next one year. Opened in different markets of Delhi. This unique coffee cafe is in the news for its name as well as its interior and its atmosphere. There is a very calm atmosphere inside. Where you can enjoy different varieties of coffee. According to the marketing team, along with this, you will not even feel the danger of third wave here because all the rules of Corona are being followed.

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