Pakistan sending fake currency in the country, gangster arrested with 3 lakh fake notes – Delhi Police Special Cell arrested the kingpin of fake currency note from Bihar ntc

Story Highlights

  • Three lakh fake notes recovered in Delhi
  • Delhi Special Cell arrested the chief gangster from Bihar

Delhi Police Special Cell has caught a large consignment of fake currency. About 3 lakh fake notes of 500 rupees have been recovered from the accused.

This kingpin of fake note gang has been arrested from Bihar. According to officials, the fake notes found in other parts of the country including Delhi are printed in Pakistan.

This supply of fake notes was happening through the Indo-Nepal border. The Special Cell of Delhi Police has arrested Raisul Azam, the kingpin of fake currency. During interrogation, the accused has revealed that in the last 4 years, he has supplied more than 1 crore counterfeit notes in Delhi.

The accused told that he used to bring this fake note to India through Nepal. According to the special cell, these notes are being made in such a way that it is not very easy to differentiate between real and fake.

According to the special cell, the supply of counterfeit notes was stopped for a few years after demonetisation, but for the last 4 years, such gangs have become active again.

Investigation revealed that these fake notes being printed in Pakistan are reaching Bangladesh and Nepal via Gulf countries. These fake notes are then being supplied to India through Indo-Nepal and Indo-Bangladesh routes.

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