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    Bhushan’s character has become the life of the series in Dumdaar Hai Panchayat 2

If Gabbar Singh had not been there in ‘Sholay’, one of the most popular films of Hindi film history, then perhaps this film would not have been historical. Even if McMahon, who played the character of Sambha, had not had a dialogue, you might have noticed something missing in the film. Because whenever the name of Sholay comes, then the mention of these two characters comes. This is the power of the negative or side character of any story, who has the ability to leave more impression than any main hero.

After coming out of the big screen, the power of the side actors has now come to the mobile phone, where their identity has started becoming a household name. The recently released Panchayat-2 web series on Amazon Prime has impressed people, it is discussed on social media. Also, the discussion is about a character who surprised everyone with his screen presence. The character’s name is Bhushan, also known as Vanarakas.

If you look at Panchayat 2 on the basis of a complete webseries, then it is a very average show, whose story is even more average than that. Because from beginning to end you seem to be predicting things, yet this series keeps you tied. Not because of the story but because of its characters. When you get bored with the story of the series, then such moments of these characters come which stop you.

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The best of these characters is that of Bhushan (Durgesh Kumar), who is finding fault in everything. If the language of Bollywood is used, then Bhushan is the villain of Panchayat 2. Going out of the language of Bollywood and going to village-country and native language, then Bhushan is the person of marriage in the house who has to find fault in everything. Or that friend of yours who wants to cancel the plan to go to Goa every time. Their specialty is that you can’t even live without them and this is Bhushan’s character, Panchayat-2 cannot happen without him.

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Because any story, film cannot run without a side character. You remember the story of a film, series or book only when you can connect with those characters. When you can feel those characters around you. This is the strength of any story. Arjun is said to be the hero of Mahabharata, but look into the characters of the story, your mind will change, you will tell Karna as the hero, not Arjun.

Bollywood always kept the side actor on the side, digital / OTT has ended that stigma. Because here you can say a lot even by looking 30 seconds and can be seen in people’s memory forever because they have a chance to record, clip, screenshot. This is the reason that apart from Abhishek Tripathi (Jitendra), the hero of Panchayat 2, every character is being talked about and his dialogues are roaming on people’s tongues and in the streets of social media. Panchayat-2 is also not just the story of Secretary ji, who has been trying to get out of the village for the last two years, but it is only an effort.

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The whole story of Panchayat is about its side characters, in which ‘Banarakas’ i.e. Bhushan has appeared in a different character. In an episode of Panchayat 2, when Bhushan is provoking Vinod to rebel according to his plan, a dialogue comes up. ‘Revolution does not come without sacrifice.’ Or tell that dance girl very comfortably to the secretary, ‘Dance toh hum all hi rahe hai secretary ji’. One of the best dialogues of the entire series and both are attributed to the side characters.

Rubbing tobacco and taunting him with a slight smile, Durgesh Kumar plays Bhushan’s character in such a way that you will hate those characters, but without him you will not be able to watch the entire series. This is the strength of Banaracas of Panchayat-2.

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