People are getting treatment facility near home – Dhamtari News: People are getting treatment facility near home

Publish Date: | Sun, 26 Jun 2022 11:15 PM (IST)

Dhamtari. People are getting benefited from various schemes of the government. Most of the convenience people have got in treatment. Today the general public does not have to go to the hospital for the treatment of minor diseases, but today the hospital itself is reaching home.

This has brought great relief to the people. People’s money and time are being saved.

Everyone dreams of better health and proper treatment in disease. With the increase in health facilities in the state, treatment of every minor and major diseases should be done on time and easily. No person or family should have to face financial crisis for the treatment.

With this visionary thinking and understanding, he made a strategy in the direction of health facilities, to provide treatment around the house to the common citizens including the poor and needy living in slum areas, instead of rushing to the hospital when they fall ill, Mukhyamantri Shahari Slum Health Scheme. started. This health scheme, implemented one and a half years ago, is not only fulfilling the aspirations of the people, but is also winning the trust of every needy by timely treatment.

So far, more than 80 thousand people have got their treatment done through 921 camps from mobile medical units in slum areas. It is worth noting that in Dhamtari from November 2020, the benefit of Mukhyamantri Urban Slum Health Scheme is continuously being provided to the needy and poor families.

It has not only served the poor and needy families for treatment when they are sick, but has also inspired people to maintain cleanliness and seek prompt treatment when sick.

Often poor and sick people shy away from getting treatment because of not having money or thinking distance from the hospital, in such a situation, the grand scheme of the state government, the Chief Minister Urban Slum Health Scheme, is no less than a boon for the people. The people of the slum area have got a hospital in the form of a mobile medical unit with a team of doctors in their street, where the facility of lab tests including doctors, medicines and treatment are being provided free of cost.

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More than 80 thousand patients have been treated

CMHO Dr. DK Turre informed that 80 thousand 157 patients have been treated till June 24, 2022 from two mobile medical units under Mukhyamantri Urban Slum Health Scheme in Dhamtari city.

Medicines were distributed to a total of 65 thousand 737 patients, lab tests of 20 thousand 296 beneficiaries were done. This scheme is proving successful in providing free health facilities to the people of urban slum areas near their homes.

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