PM Modi in Mandi: PM’s gift of crores to Himachal, delay given in Mandi Vs Modi-mantra of development – PM Modi launches development initiatives in Himachal Pradesh

PM Modi in Mandi: PM’s gift of crores to Himachal, delay in Mandi Vs Modi-mantra of development

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on Himachal tour today. Addressing a public meeting in Mandi here, PM Modi said that Himachal has developed rapidly in the last 4 years. In Himachal, investment of thousands of crores of rupees has made way for employment. A little while ago, the foundation stone of 4 big hydro electric projects costing 11 thousand crores has been laid. These will increase the income of Himachal and employment opportunities will also increase. Due to this every year Himachal will have an income of about 1.25 billion. He said that making the life of the citizens of the country easy, ease of living is the top priority of our government. PM Modi further said that one is the ideology of delay and one is of development. The ideologies of delay made Himachal wait for years for development. But our commitment is only for development, for rapid development. We are not only developing highway and railway infrastructure. We are also connecting remote villages with PM Gram Sadak Yojana. Watch this video for complete details.

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was on his Himachal Pradesh tour where he inaugurated and laid the foundation stone for projects worth Rs 11,000 crores, including Dhaula Sidh hydropower and Renukaji dam projects, at Mandi. In his address, PM Modi orated that I have an emotional connection with Himachal and its people. The land of Himachal has played an important role in shaping my life. In these 4 years, for 2 years, we have also fought strongly against Covid-19 and did not allow development works to stop. Watch this video for complete details.

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