PM Modi Security Breach: Justice Malhotra Committee will also examine the log book of the Air Force! – Justice Malhotra Committee will also examine log book of Air Force in pm modi security breach case ntc

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  • There was a breach in PM’s security on January 5
  • Were going to address the gathering in Ferozepur, Punjab

A 5-member committee formed to investigate the lapse in the security of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Punjab has started its investigation campaign. This committee has been formed under the leadership of retired Supreme Court judge Justice Indu Malhotra. According to sources, the inquiry committee will also look into the log book of the Indian Air Force, in which details are recorded regarding the approval of the Prime Minister’s helicopter to fly from Bathinda to the rally venue. From this it will be known that when the Indian Air Force had approved the helicopter flight of the Prime Minister and why it was denied? Because of which the Prime Minister had to go by road.

This log book will reveal whether the basis for taking the Prime Minister by road to the rally site was the fact-based advice of the Air Force or the SPG’s own view. There will be many revelations by matching the logbook and bluebook. With all the possibilities and security links, the role of the state’s security apparatus will also be known. All these measures were taken according to the rules recorded in the Blue Book of SPG or at what time, on what basis and with whose approval there were changes. All the facts will be revealed through investigation.

According to a senior NIA official, this will also be the basis of investigation as to which officer approved the plan to go by road to the prime minister. The committee’s investigation criteria also include whether there was any criminal conspiracy behind the lapse in security? That is, the role of SPG or Punjab Police will also be thoroughly investigated. Apart from this, the committee will also examine the inputs received from Intelligence Bureau i.e. IB and other intelligence agencies on the basis of who gave what, when, how, what inputs?

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According to sources related to the investigation, the IB claims that its team had shared all the inputs with the Punjab government in time that there could be some kind of protest or demonstration on the way. The IB had even warned the Punjab government that the people of the banned Sikh organization Sikh for Justice are giving cash money along with instigating Sikh youth in the villages on the behest of their leader Gurpatwant Singh.

The agency had also cautioned the government to keep a special watch on the basis of these inputs and take vigilance action. The IB had also told the Punjab government that the PM’s program is very close to the Pakistan border. Therefore, there is a dire need to be more vigilant and sensitive.

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