Pune Gang calls builder from Ajit Pawar number tries to extort Rs 20 lakh 6 arrested ntc

Story Highlights

  • Threatened call was made to the owner of Goel Ganga Group of Pune
  • Police arrested 6 people in the case

‘I am speaking Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar’s PA, send 20 lakh rupees’… Such a threat call was made to a Pune businessman using Ajit Pawar’s mobile number. The owner of Pune’s Goyal Ganga Group had received this threatening call on January 13. Actually, the accused had made a spoof call from Ajit Pawar’s mobile number.

The owner of Goel Ganga Group had complained to the Bundagorden police for demanding a ransom of Rs 20 lakh. Police have arrested 6 people by registering a case against them. The arrested accused took Rs 2 lakh from the ransom amount and were caught at the same time. However, the police is investigating for who is involved in this whole gang.

spoofed call through app

According to the police, the accused downloaded the Fake Call app from the Play Store. After this, using Ajit Pawar’s mobile number, called the businessman. The businessman was dodged after seeing Ajit Pawar’s number. However, when the businessman got suspicious, he searched the number by putting it in the caller ID. After this a complaint was filed with the police.

Pune Police Commissioner Amitabh Gupta gave this complete information in a conversation with Aaj Tak. He told that last year in Chinchwad also, he had extorted money by tricking a big industrialist in the name of Sharad Pawar.

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