Rajasthan: 4 youths arrested taking a girl away in a car ntc

Story Highlights

  • 4 youths were running away with love affair girl
  • Boys threaten girl’s mother, grandmother

Chhabra local police of Baran, Rajasthan has arrested four youths from Hyderabad Telangana from Dharnavada Road. These people were kidnapping a girl and taking her away. On Wednesday, this arrest has been made on the basis of information from the girl’s family members.

According to the police, a girl resident of Acholi village of Chhabra police station area was informed about being kidnapped from a car by four youths from Andhra Pradesh. After this, Chhabra head constable Akash Shinde along with constables Ranveer and Sumer Singh and female constable Lucky Galav had blocked the blockade. During this, four boys appeared in the car along with a girl at Chachaida Tirahe. During interrogation, they gave their names as Sheikh Chand Peer, resident of Andhra Pradesh and Nagendra Reddy, Rajkunta Sai Madhav Yadav and Praveen Kumar, residents of Telangana and the girl told her address as Maharashtra Hall Mukam Chhabra police station area.

The young man Sheikh Chand Peer said that the girl has come with him on her own wish. The family members have harassed him by giving wrong information. After this, the four boys started threatening the girl’s mother, Nani, who was present on the spot. The four youths were brought to the police station and arrested. According to the information, the girl does not have a father and the girl used to live in the aunt’s place in Maharashtra and used to work in the beer bar there. During this, while playing PUBG with the youth, he fell in love and friendship with Sheikh Chand Peer, a resident of Andhra Pradesh. A few days ago, the girl’s mother called her to Achaili village of Chhabra area of ​​her village Baran.

Due to love affair, the girl called her friend Sheikh Chand Peer as Chhabra. This young man came from there by car along with his three other friends to pick up the girl. During this, the family members got to know about taking the girl. After this, with the help of the police, the girl was rescued from the youths and the youths were arrested. After the perusal of the police and the family, the girl was sent along with her family members.

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