Rajasthan: Conflict over crops, young man publicly beats aunt with sticks, video viral

Story Highlights

  • young man beat up aunt with sticks
  • Aunt hospitalized in critical condition
  • Police arrested one accused

A video from Dholpur district of Rajasthan has gone viral. In which a young man is beating his aunt forcefully with sticks. The aunt was admitted to the hospital in a serious condition. It is being told that this is a family matter and the dispute was over the loss of standing crop. First there was an altercation between both the sides, then the matter reached to a scuffle and the young man beat up the aunt with sticks.

This incident is of Rajkheda police station area of ​​Dholpur district. The victim lodged a complaint about this incident in the police station. An accused was taken into custody on the basis of the viral video. The victim is being treated in a critical condition at the Trauma Center of the District Hospital. The police have registered a named case against the accused. After getting the injured medically done, one accused has been taken into custody and the search for the other has started.

accused youth

video of beating went viral

People present on the spot say that a man named Hariom reached his aunt Keswati with his Tai Poonia, Tau Sajjan Singh with a log in his hand in a semi-naked state. At the scene of the incident, the aunt started complaining about the damage done to her mustard field. The aunt also started screaming with a sickle in her hand. In the meantime, Hariom started attacking his aunt with a stick, due to which she fell to the ground after getting injured.

Police arrested one accused

On this matter, the investigating officer Krishnamurari says that the victim woman Keswati has lodged a complaint in the police station that she has been hit with sticks. Due to which he has suffered serious injuries. Arresting the accused Hari Om and started the investigation of the case. Apart from this, the investigation of the viral video is also being done.

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