Rajasthan: Congress on the path of BJP! Jaipur Congress started process political appointments ntc

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  • The previous BJP government also made political appointments
  • District heads made vice-president of the 20-point program of the state government

In Rajasthan, the Gehlot government has started the process of giving political appointments to Congress leaders. But while in opposition, this move of BJP was opposed by Congress. Now the state Congress government has also started on the same path.

Congress district presidents have been made vice-presidents of the 20-point program of the state government. In fact, in the previous Vasundhara government, the president of the 20-point program, Mr. Digambar Singh had started the process of making BJP’s district presidents as vice-presidents of the 20-point program, then the Congress had strongly opposed it, but after coming to power, the Gehlot government is also following the same path.

Although the state government has not announced the president of the 20-point programme, he is Yogesh Mishra in Alwar district, Ram Ji Lal Meena in Bara district, Fateh Khan in Barmer, Ramjilal in Dausa, Umesh Singh Tanwar in Jaisalmer, Virendra Singh in Jhalawar. , Salim Khan in Jodhpur, Zakir Gasawat in Nagaur, Harisingh Rathod in Rajsamand and Sunita Githala in Sikar have been made the vice presidents of the 20-point program.

Vasundhara government had also ordered

Last time the Vasundhara government had ordered that the vice president of the 20-point program would be the district presidents of all 33 districts of the BJP, to which the Congress had strongly opposed and said that the government itself was being politicised. It is believed that today and tomorrow, a large number of Congress MLAs, leaders and workers will be given political appointments.

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