Rajasthan News: Tourist’s open jeep… and the tigress ran from the front, then? – Rajasthan Ranthambore Tigress Sultana ran tourists gypsy tste

Tigress in RajasthanSultana Nam’s tigress ran a gypsy full of tourists in Ranthambore, Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan. While roaming around the Singhdwara in zone number one in the morning, the tigress T-107 Sultana ran after two gypsies full of tourists.

Tourists were frightened by the tigress suddenly running after the gypsy and their heartbeat increased. However, both the gypsy drivers, with their understanding, took the vehicles away from the tigress’s JD. After chasing for a while, the tigress also stopped. When the tigress stopped, the tourists and the driver in the gypsy heaved a sigh of relief.

Video of tigress running after gypsy

According to the information, during the tiger safari near Singhdwar in zone number one in the morning shift, tigress Sultana appeared. To see the tigress, there was a gathering of tourists’ vehicles on the spot. Due to this, the tigress suddenly started running after two gypsies full of tourists.

The drivers of the gypsy drove the vehicle in back gear for about thirty meters and took the vehicle away from the reach of the tigress. On getting away from the tigress, the tourists in the gypsy heaved a sigh of relief.

Watch the video here-

It is worth noting that earlier also in Ranthambore, the case of charging the tourist vehicle of tigress Sultana had come to the fore. Tigress Sultana has done this on tourist vehicles after two so far. For the first time, the tigress ran alongside a canter and rested its paws on the back of the gypsy.

Recently, on 24 November, Sultana had also chased two forest workers patrolling on a bike for some distance. After this, the forest department had closed zone one for tourists as a precaution. Later the zone was opened for tourists. Now once again the case of tigress running behind tourist vehicles has come to the fore.

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TC Verma, CCF of Ranthambore Tiger Project, says that in the morning shift, tigress T-107 Sultana had run behind the tourist car for some distance in Zone 1. Monitoring of tigress is being done by the department and it is being considered to close zone one again.

(Report- Sunil Joshi)

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