Ratlam Ragging 7 Medical Students Rusticated For A Year

Bhopal: A case has been registered against the senior medical students who made the juniors stand in line and slapped them on the pretext of ragging. The management of the college has suspended seven students related to this incident for a year. She warned that strict action will be taken if anyone indulges in ragging.

On July 28, a ragging incident took place at the Government Medical College in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh. The senior students kept the juniors in a row and slapped them. They were mistreated. They threw water bottles at the hostel warden who went to say no. The video related to this has gone viral on social media. Criticism has been pouring in that such students would have become doctors.

The police have registered a case against seven senior students based on the hostel warden’s complaint about the ragging incident. Later, the college dean announced that all of them will be suspended for a year.

Earlier, a gruesome incident of ragging came to light at Mahatma Gandhi Medical College in Indore. It is a matter of debate that junior students complained to the University Grants Commission that senior students had committed lewd acts against them. The UGC, which is serious about the incident, ordered to take strict action against the raging students.
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