Ruckus on the report card of school children: When the BJP raised questions, the school education minister said – such surveys are happening every day

Publish Date: | Sun, 29 May 2022 09:26 AM (IST)

Raipur (State Bureau). There has been a political uproar in the state regarding the National Achievement Survey 2021 conducted by the Ministry of Education across the country. On one hand the BJP has surrounded the state government and on the other hand the teachers’ unions have also blamed the state government for the declining level of education. Chhattisgarh Teachers Association says that it is impossible to improve the standard of education till the time teachers and children are maintained as laboratories. In the survey report, the association has blamed the policies of the government for the deteriorating condition of Chhattisgarh.

Association’s State President Sanjay Sharma, State Convenor Sudhir Pradhan, Wajid Khan, State Vice President Harendra Singh, Devnath Sahu, Basant Chaturvedi, Praveen Srivastava, Vinod Gupta, Dr. Komal Vaishnav, Provincial Secretary Manoj Sanadhya and Provincial Treasurer Shailendra Pareek have said that Chhattisgarh The decline in the standard of school education is a matter of great concern and concern. The officials of the department have made the school a laboratory, due to which it has become difficult to improve it.

The association says that 366 information is sought from teachers in 365 days. This leaves no time for teaching. It is worth noting that in the National Achievement Survey 2021, the children of class III, V, VIII and Class 10 of the state have scored below the national average in almost all subjects. Their rank in the country is behind 30 states.

State government proved to be laggy in the quality of school education: Kedar

Former state school education minister and BJP state spokesperson Kedar Kashyap has surrounded the state government in this matter. He said that during the tenure of BJP, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Education Quality Campaign was launched to increase the quality of education. At that time Chhattisgarh was ranked 18th in the National Achievement Survey. Presently, after the Congress government came to power, the education system has gone from bad to worse. The condition is that we have gone below 30 states. He alleged that the state government was only engaged in branding Atmanand Utkrisht Vidyalaya. Apart from this, no attention is paid to other government schools. The future of 60 lakh children of the state is going dark and the state government is busy in its false applause.

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Center’s survey is on few children: Dr. Premsai Singh Tekam

State School Education Minister Dr. Premsai Singh Tekam has categorically rejected the allegations of BJP on this report. He has said that such surveys keep happening every day. In this survey conducted by the central government, the sample of children was only on a few thousand children. Therefore to say that we are badly backward in education, it is not at all fair. He said that it is true that due to non-opening of schools during the Corona period, the education of children has been affected. In the coming academic session, we are planning a strategy to further improve the level of education of the children. Hope the kids will do well in the coming time.

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