Sakshi Special Article On Covid Fourth Wave

Corona .. The pandemic that rocked the world is throwing its claws again. Transformed .. ready to attack again with new variants / sub variants. The virus, which is already booming in many countries, has been affecting our country for a few days now. Cases are on the rise in Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Significant registrations are also taking place in our state. Medical experts say that although we have all suffered severely from the impact of the last three waves, we need to fight the virus hard with the lessons learned from past experiences. – Witness Central Desk

Stir for a few months ..
In December 2019, the corona movement began in China. The plague, which had already spread to many countries like water under the mat, suddenly started throwing its claws. It changed shape from time to time and devoured countries. One, two, and a third wave. Extensive vaccination వైపు on the one hand .. weakening of the virus with extreme mutations on the other hand .. came under control together. Seems not to have come. It is disturbing that corona cases have been on the rise around the world for the past few days, registering in the millions in some countries.

Back into the masks ..
Everyone in the news like Corona Epidemic is a doctor. One says that the drug works .. Another says that this drug works .. Many experiments from Ayurveda to Allopathy. There is a lot of suspicion as to whether the vaccines will finally come to the fore. Despite all the doubts and obstacles, the vaccine has reached everyone. The corona is booming again with a new variant.

However, doctors suggest that there is no need to worry as corona cases are on the rise right now. Most of the cases that are coming now are Omicron and its sub variants. It is said that the symptoms have nothing to do with them. They make it clear that wearing a mask where people gather is a good way to follow Kovid guidelines such as sanitization.

Slowly in our country ..
The number of Kovid‌ cases has been on the rise across the country for the past few days. Over the past week, there have been more than 10,000 new cases every day. On Thursday, the Union Ministry of Health announced 13,313 cases. The positivity rate increased to 2.8 percent. The number of active cases reached 83,990. In Maharashtra alone, there were 5,218 cases and one death.

    Eleven districts in Kerala and five districts in Maharashtra have a positivity rate of up to 10 per cent. Four people were killed in a single day in Kerala on Thursday. There are 1,934 positive cases in the national capital, Delhi. There were 1,063 new cases in Tamil Nadu. In Karnataka, there were 858 cases in a single day. More than half of the cases were reported in Bangalore alone. 494 cases were registered in Telangana. Experts warn that similar cases have been reported so far at the beginning of the three corona waves, which could lead to the fourth wave. Kovid recently infected Congress leader Sonia Gandhi, most recently Union Minister Smriti Irani and former Union Minister Azad.

With new variants ..
The corona has undergone many transformations since its inception in China. Has tens of mutations. The alpha and delta variants had a profound effect on it. After that came the omicron that tossed it all away. Gradually sub-variants like BA2, BA4, BA5 were born in Omicron as well.

To decide which variant …
The central government is on high alert as corona cases are on the rise across the country. Districts and regions where a sudden increase in cases has been recorded have been directed to send large quantities of samples for genome sequencing. Was any new variant / sub variant born? Genome sequencing will determine which variant is booming.

Vaccine .. Immunity
It has been two years since the start of corona vaccination worldwide. Medical experts say that most vaccines have a maximum immunity (immunity period) of 6 to 9 months. Immunity also lasts almost as long as the corona infection decreases. Experts say that this is the reason why the number of corona infections in the population is declining and the immunity with vaccines is declining.

According to sources in the Union Ministry of Health, BA2, BA4 and BA5, which are sub-variants of Omicron, are currently prevalent in our country. This revealed that the BA2 variant had a higher penetration capacity. Doctors point out that these can escape the current state of immunity in people and cause infections.

This is the situation in the countries of the world.
Countries around the world are on high alert as the corona throws its paw once again. Although strict sanctions cannot be imposed in the face of economic conditions .. precautionary measures and controls are being enforced.

Cases are being reported significantly in America. As a result, the country has expanded its vaccination program. For the first time, it is recommended that children as young as 6 months to 5 years be vaccinated. To this end, Pfizer and Moderna have approved vaccines.

Prabhupada warned people to be careful as cases are on the rise in European countries. The highest number of cases were reported in Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, the Netherlands and Denmark. Hospital admissions with Kovid are also slightly increasing in those countries.

One hundred percent complete vaccination in Portugal. Over 90% of booster doses are also taken. However, there is concern about the recent rise in cases and the rising mortality rate. However, the country’s health ministry said the percentage of the elderly was high.

The Iraqi Ministry of Health has announced that another Kovid wave has begun in Iraq. In the United States, France, Italy, Taiwan and Brazil, 30,000 to 40,000 cases are reported daily.

More than 10,000 new cases are coming in from Britain, Australia, Japan, Chile, and Israel.

Deaths are highest in Taiwan, Brazil, Russia, Australia and the United States.

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