Say train manager not train guard….Indian Railway changed years old rule – indian railway train guard train manager inside detail ntc

Story Highlights

  • The word ‘guard’ was not being considered respectable
  • Used to manage the whole train, hence the name changed

Taking a big decision, Indian Railways has now abolished the post of train guard forever. Now the post of Train Manager has been removed instead of Train Guard. This was an old demand, which has now been stamped. It has been clearly said in the order that this decision should be implemented immediately.

For information, let us tell you that earlier there used to be a guard post in the train. But ‘guard’ was never considered a more respectable term. At the same time, this message also went to the common people that if there is a guard, then he must have worked in a private company. But now to change the same perception and to give more respect during work, Indian Railways has now removed the word guard forever. Now all the guards who are associated with the Indian Railways will be addressed by the name of Train Manager.

By the way, it has also been clearly said in the decision that there will be no change in income or responsibilities by changing the name of the post. A process of its own is going on, only the designation is being changed to give more respect. According to the order, the names of total four posts have now been changed. Assistant Guard has now become Assistant Train Manager, Goods Guard has become Goods Train Manager, Senior Goods Guard has become Senior Goods Train Manager.

For information, let us tell you that the guards are present in the last compartment in any train. From the safety of the passengers to the fulfillment of many other responsibilities, they also have to take care of them. In such a situation, he used to manage the activities of the entire train alone in a way. For this reason it was not right to address him as a guard and the Railways has changed the same decision. A letter has been written to the GM of all the zones and changes will be made soon.

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