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Story Highlights

  • Infection rate crossed 23 percent
  • Highest infection rate in about 8 months
  • Number of active corona patients increased to 60,733

There has been a tremendous jump in the cases of corona in Delhi. On Sunday, 22,751 new cases have been reported in the capital. There is news of the death of 17 patients. Apart from this, the infection rate in Delhi has now reached 23.53%. This is the second consecutive day, when more than 20 thousand cases of corona infection have been registered in Delhi.

Earlier on Saturday, 20,181 new cases of corona infection were registered in Delhi. During this 7 patients had died. According to the data, 1,02,965 Kovid tests were done a day ago. These include 79,946 RT-PCR while the rest include rapid antigen test. At present around 1,586 patients are admitted in the hospitals.

Of these, 375 patients are on oxygen support. Out of these 375 patients, 27 are on ventilator. The number of patients under treatment in Delhi is 48,178.

Most active patient in 7 and a half months
After the arrival of new cases, the number of active cases of corona in Delhi has increased to 60,733. This is the highest in about 7 months. Earlier on May 16, the number of active patients in Delhi was 62,783. According to the data of the Health Department, 10,179 patients have been cured of corona in Delhi in the last 24 hours. With this, the number of patients recovering from corona in Delhi has gone up to 14,63,837.

No lockdown at present in Delhi
On Sunday, CM Kejriwal held a press conference on the increasing cases of corona infection in Delhi. CM Arvind Kejriwal said that yesterday about 20000 new cases had come. Cases are increasing rapidly. This is a matter of concern, but there is no need to panic. In the previous wave that came in April-May, on 7 May, the same number of cases were coming daily. He said that the imposition of lockdown in Delhi is not being considered at present.

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