Seasonal diseases increased due to change in weather – Hoshangabad News: Seasonal diseases increased due to change in weather

Publish Date: | Sun, 26 Jun 2022 11:13 PM (IST)

Narmadapuram. After the monsoon rains in the past, the effect of strong sunlight remains. People are getting worried due to the heat due to the steam coming out of the ground when the sun comes out. The month of Ashadh is getting ready to take off. At the same time, with July, the month of Shravan is going to start after the next fortnight. Shravan will start after a fortnight as soon as July starts. But the effect of heat is not taking its name. The main reason for this is believed to be the release of sunlight after the rain. People are suffering from the humidity along with the sun. Because the effect of heat is increasing instead of decreasing. In this season where it used to get cold with rain. But at this time it is hot like Baishakh. Due to the continuous effect of heat, seasonal diseases are troubling people again and again. These days, there is an increase in the patients of abdominal pain including headache, body ache, seasonal illness, cough, cold, as well as fever patients and vomiting diarrhea. The number of patients is increasing in all other clinics of the city including the district hospital. Patients and their families are getting tired of waiting in line. Dr SK Purohit told that in this season strong sunlight should be avoided. He said that water should be kept drinking more and more because due to frequent sweating, there is a possibility of getting sick due to lack of water. Keep the head covered.

The temperature has come down, people are worried about it

Narmadapuram. Monsoon has gone somewhere. The Meteorological Department is telling the possibility of returning soon. The temperature decreased on Sunday but the heat and humidity is not taking its name. The maximum temperature dropped by two degrees to 36.2. Even after this, the effect of heat is continuing in the afternoon with strong sunlight and humidity. The maximum temperature recorded on Saturday was 38 degrees. Whereas the minimum has increased from 26.4 to 28.2. The effect of heat continues in Pachmarhi as well. According to the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of rain and thundershowers in the districts of Narmadapuram division. Rain activities are likely to start once again. Just like the clouds are coming. It is getting hot, so it seems that it is going to rain. But clouds come and go. The clouds have been disappointing since last week. Monsoon has disappeared after a couple of days of rain. Due to which the farmers have made preparations for sowing of Kharif. But farmers are also worried due to the indifference of monsoon. Those who have sown maize are likely to suffer losses. Because many farmers have sown maize on time. Farmers are waiting for heavy rains again. Only then will the speed of sowing be accelerated.

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