How To Set Full WhatsApp DP Without Cropping

how to set full whatsapp dp without cropping

How to set full WhatsApp DP without cropping the image? If you have a smartphone, then WhatsApp will also be there in it and you too will often be changing DP on your WhatsApp. But most of the pictures will have to be cropped.

On all mobile phones, photos are of different sizes and for this reason, whenever we like a photo, we are not able to put it on WhatsApp in its original size. The reason behind this is the DP feature of WhatsApp supports only a standard file size.

how to set full whatsapp dp without cropping

So today we will know in this article how we can set or upload our profile picture on WhatsApp without cropping it. Let’s know and learn how to set a WhatsApp DP in full size without cropping the photo.

WhatsApp Profile Picture

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app in the world and for this reason, now WhatsApp is already installed in every smartphone. Most people keep changing their profile picture (DP) and status on WhatsApp, but most of the time it happens when we have a group photo or landscape photo, then that photo does not fit perfectly on the profile, and then we have to crop that photo.

Some photos are such that there is no point in cropping them, which means some important parts of the picture are cropped (cut) from them, and then you don’t even want to put in on the DP. For some people, a profile photo is a very serious thing, they always want to put their photos on DP and then they also get angry if they can’t do it because of photo cropping.

If you also want that you should not crop any friend from your DP or you can see the hills present in the background of your photo, then keep reading this post because in this post I will tell you how you can set WhatsApp DP without cropping it. Learn without reducing the quality of the photo, how can you put it on the profile photo (DP) of WhatsApp and Facebook.

The reason behind this is the DP feature of WhatsApp supports only a standard file size. By the way, if you have reached here while reading this post, then you must have understood that what is the problem in applying DP on WhatsApp, but still I will tell you with an example what is the problem.

Because I believe that before understanding the solution of any problem, one should understand the problem well. As you can see in the photo below that WhatsApp is cropping your photo, due to which the photo is not showing the complete details and then there is no use of cropping this photo in this way.

how to put full pic in whatsapp dp without any app

How To Set WhatsApp Full DP Without Cropping

You get many such apps on Play Store, using which you can apply profile pictures on Facebook, Whatsapp, Facebook, or any other social sites without cropping. I am going to tell you the best app here and it is the easiest, and I will also tell you step by step how to use it.

Set WhatsApp DP Full Size 

Squaredroid: Full Size Photos – As I told you that there are many apps on the play store to apply WhatsApp DP without cropping, but using the Squaredroid app is the easiest of them. Its user-friendly interface makes this app different from other apps. This app resizes any of your pictures for the profile photo of WhatsApp, that too without cutting any parts of the picture and then you can save that image and apply it on your DP.

  • First, you have to go to PlayStore and install the SquareDroid: Full Size Photos app.
  • Now open the app. As I told you that the interface of the SquareDroid app is very user-friendly. So now you too must have understood by looking at you. Now tap on Pick a Photo option.
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whatsapp full dp online

  • As soon as you tap, the option to select the photo will come in front of you. Tap on Gallery and select any photo you want to put on DP.
  • As soon as you select the photo, you will see the options of Background Type. You can choose any option. I am choosing the Blur option here because I like this background effect the best.
  • Now you will see a preview of your image how it will appear on DP. Now tap on DONE. After that, tap on Save and finally tap on the Save Photo button.
  • Now I will again show you the saved photo by putting it on WhatsApp’s DP. Now as you are able to see that the photo is coming completely fit and now we do not even have to crop.

whatsapp full size profile picture without cropping


I hope you got to know the easiest method to set Whatsapp full size DP without cropping the picture. With the help of SquareDroid, you can easily set a DP on WhatsApp as you wish without worrying about cropping it. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post then comment below and share this post with your friends. Keep visiting Janta Yojana for more useful and related posts.

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