Shahzad Khan Pathan becomes Leader of Opposition Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, Congress announces Shahzad Khan Pathan Leader Opposition Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Congress announced ntc

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  • Ten councilors of Congress resigned in protest against Shahzad
  • Congress gave notice to the councilors who resigned

One year has been completed for the election of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. After many controversies, today the Gujarat Congress has finally announced the name of the leader of the opposition in Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.

Shahzad Khan Pathan, a local corporator of Danilimda area of ​​Ahmedabad, has been elected leader of the opposition through Gujarat Congress. The name of Nirav Bakshi has been announced as Deputy Leader of the Opposition, while Jagdish Rathore’s name has been announced as the Chairman.

Let us tell you that Shahzad Khan Pathan is the same leader who was accused of attacking the police in protest against CAA and NRC. For which he has spent more than a month in Sabarmati Central Jail in Ahmedabad.

Congress party gave notice to the councilors who resigned

There was a huge protest at the official announcement of Shahzad Khan Pathan’s name as the Leader of the Opposition in the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. Even after the protest, the Gujarat Congress high command has stamped the name of Shahzad Khan Pathan. Congress has 24 councilors in Ahmedabad. When Shahzad’s name surfaced, 10 councilors rebelled and resigned. The High Command has issued disciplinary notices to 4 councilors who resigned. In the notice, a reply has been sought from these leaders within 7 days.

Gujarat Congress President Jagdish Thakor held a meeting with the observers. After this, the seal of approval was put in the name of Shahzad. Jagdish Thakor has taken this decision after talking to in-charge Raghu Sharma. Shahzad Khan Pathan was currently opposed by 10 corporators.

These Congress councilors resigned in protest

On Sunday, when the state high command forwarded the name of councilor Shahzad Khan Pathan from Danilimda ward of the city, many Congress councilors resigned due to this decision. Those who resigned include the names of former Municipal Corporation Leaders of Opposition Kamala Chavda, Nirav Bakshi, Haji Mirza Asrar Baig, Iqbal Sheikh, Jamuna Vegda, Kamini Ben Jha, Taslim Baba Tirmiji, Zulfi Khan Pathan, Nikul Singh Tomar.

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