Shame on refusing to honor President: Arif Khan | Arif Khan says Shame on refuting to honor President

Digital Desk, Thiruvananthapuram. On the decision of Kerala University to deny Honorary D. Litt degree to President Ram Nath Kovind, Governor Arif Mohammad Khan has said that he is ashamed of the whole episode and it is really shameful.

Significantly, the political atmosphere has become very tense due to the ongoing tussle between the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan-led state government and the Governor over the appointment of the Vice-Chancellor.

Speaking to the media soon after his arrival from Delhi, Mr. Khan said that he was ashamed and had to bow his head in shame.

Mr Khan said, Kerala University is one of the oldest universities in the country and its vice-chancellor cannot spell even five lines correctly. He can’t even speak properly. I was really ashamed.

Mr Khan said that he was surprised to learn that there has been no convocation in Kerala University for the last 10 years, so he asked Vice-Chancellor V.P. Mahadevan Pillai to organize such an event.

He said that after a month he came back to me and I told him that I would personally go to the President of India to request him to attend the convocation.

But on December 5, he called at the Raj Bhavan and I was shocked to hear what he was saying. When I heard what he was saying, it took me 10 minutes to normalize myself. Soon after, I called up the Chief Minister.

Now a handwritten letter sent by the Vice Chancellor of Kerala University to Mr. Khan has surfaced which contains inaccuracies and states that the syndicate has overruled the decision to confer D. Lit to the President.

Mr Khan also criticized the method of selection of the Vice Chancellor of Sri Shankaracharya Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya, saying I was given only one name and I was told that six others who applied were not fit for the post.

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What does this mean, the six professors who applied are not qualified at all. This reflects the quality of higher education standards in Kerala.

On December 31, former Leader of Opposition Ramesh Chennithala asked the Chief Minister to explain why Khan’s recommendation as chancellor to confer honorary D. Lit to President Ram Nath Kovind was rejected. .

Mr Chennithala said on Monday that Vijayan’s silence was dangerous. He said that time is over and Vijayan can no longer keep quiet like this, he has to tell what really happened.


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