So far 34 devotees have died in Chardham Yatra, BJP spokesperson said – Devotees dying due to salvation in Chardham Yatra says bjp spokesperson shadab shamsi lcln

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    So far 34 devotees have died in Uttarakhand, devotees are dying due to attainment of salvation: BJP

Till Friday, 34 pilgrims have died during the ongoing Chardham Yatra in Uttarakhand. In this matter, the government and the health department are engaged in giving their respective clarifications. At the same time, state BJP spokesperson Shadab Shams has made a strange argument that devotees are dying because of religious faith. There is also a reason for attaining salvation in this.

BJP spokesperson Shadab Shams says that people have faith that salvation is attained in Chardham. People also come here with this belief. Along with this, Shams further said, the devotees who have died during the Yatra, showing their faith in Badrinath and Kedarnath, had come on the Chardham Yatra for salvation and they hid their diseases so that they could have darshan. This reason became the reason for his death.

Uttarakhand BJP spokesperson Shadab Shams

better arrangements from the government

BJP spokesperson Shadab said, “According to religious belief, devotees believe that if they die in Chardham, they attain salvation. This is the reason why devotees are reaching for darshan by making excuses while hiding their illness. He is dying due to serious illness. Whereas better arrangements have been made by the government in the Dhams for the devotees. Every effort is being made by the government to make this yatra a success. Watch Video:-

Congress surrounded the BJP government

On the other hand, the Congress is constantly besieging the BJP’s Pushkar Singh Dhami government for the disorder in Chardham. Congress State President Karan Mahara says that neither the government has made any arrangement regarding health nor there are any arrangements for oxygen in Chardham. Along with this, people are also losing their lives in road accidents. We had already warned the government about this, if the government had taken cognizance of their point, the situation would have been different.

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