Stars are jealous of Sonu Sood, said – many hero-directors did not talk back – Sonu Sood shared experience jealous co star reaction and walked away on ranveer singh podcast tmov

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    Sonu Sood revealed the secret that actors get jealous

Sonu Sood once said that there are many people in the industry who are better actors off-camera than on-camera. He had told as an example that there are many people who call him and appreciate him for his good deeds and also offer help from the front, but when there is a real need, they run away showing their back on the spot. Huh.

Sonu reveals on Ranveer’s podcast

Sonu also shared many things in Ranveer Singh’s podcast show. Sonu Sood, while talking about his humanitarian work, told how people offer help in front, but disappear when needed in the right way. Sonu said in the show- Tell them that only one hour is enough if you go out to help someone. Sonu has won tremendous praise by helping people immensely during the Corona period. Sonu had arranged for the migrant laborers to go home without any fee. At the same time, all the medical facilities were also provided free of cost. Sonu Sood had given all possible help to the people seeking help. On Ranveer’s podcast, Sonu Sood told that many people got jealous of him too.

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Stars jealous of Sonu

Sonu told that being a hero or being worshiped in the eyes of the world made people uncomfortable at times, and this happened many times when the feeling of jealousy came out openly in the people. Sonu Sood said- “It often happens That when people come to me and praise me for the work I have done and I am with my co-stars I have noticed that they suddenly become uncomfortable and try to avoid the conversation by changing the subject. Huh. Which is fine, but the encouragement goes a long way. If they say something nice, their pride will not diminish. They don’t need to shout it from the rooftops, but even if they do it in private, it goes a long way. Nobody does that.”

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Giving another such example, Sonu Sood said- “I can’t name names, but some people built a temple in my honor in the south. The director I was working with got a news about it on his phone. was watching, and he showed me. Just then, a star went up to him and asked what we were seeing. The director told him, and the star looked from afar, made some remarks about someone’s house on the hill, and It’s gone. The director was also surprised. But I thought it was okay, because that’s when you realize that you are doing the right thing.

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