Stebin Ben dating Kriti’s sister Nupur Sanon, singer breaks silence – Stebin Ben dating Kriti Sanon sister Nupur Sanon says we want to focus on work tmov

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  • Stabin is dating Nupur?
  • Singer spoke openly

Singer Stabin Ben and actress Nupur Sanon had posted a photo of New Year’s evening, after which the discussion of their relationship started. Many people on social media also say that both of them have made the relationship official by giving hints through photos in their own way. At the same time, singer Stabin Ben says that the two have not made any relationship official. It is not written anywhere in the post that both of them are dating.

Stabin said this
Explaining the truth behind the post, Stabin Ben said that we both wanted to thank our fans together for giving so much love to us and our work in the year 2021. However, Nupur Sanon is very special to Stabin Ben, which Singer has confessed. Neither of them wants to talk about their personal life at this time.

Stabin said, “We are not at the stage at this time where we allow people to talk about our relationship. We want people to talk only about our work at this time. For the next three years we want that People should know us only as artists and talk about it. They tell us about how well we are doing in our careers. When these things are over we will be ready to talk about our relationship . but not now.”

Kriti Sanon’s sister Nupur ready for debut, will be seen with this actor

Nupur Sanon was seen in the song ‘Filhaal’ with Akshay Kumar. From here he started making headlines. Nupur Sanon’s performance was well-liked by the audience. After this the second version of this song also came, which was named ‘Filhall 2’. Nupur Sanon has a lot of work to do in the coming time. She will soon be seen being a part of some new projects.

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