Sting Operation: How was PM’s security breached? Police officers told the truth in intelligence camera – aajtak sting operation on PM Modi security lapse in firozpur punjab ntc

Story Highlights

  • There was a breach in PM’s security on January 5
  • PM’s convoy was stuck in Punjab’s Ferozepur
  • SHO should have acted: Punjab government spokesperson

PM Modi security lapse: In Punjab’s Ferozepur, the political atmosphere is hot over the security lapse of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. BJP is attacker on Punjab government. The round of accusations and counter-allegations is going on. But who was responsible for the breach in PM’s security? How was there such great carelessness? Everyone is looking for answers to these questions. In search of these answers, the Special Investigation Team of ‘Aaj Tak’ also turned to Ferozepur and talked to the officials related to the security system.

Our investigation team had a talk with Sukhdev Singh Firozpur, DSP of CID, who gathered the ground reality regarding the Prime Minister’s visit. The role of DSP Sukhdev Singh, responsible for keeping up-to-date information on Firozpur district, also assumes importance because it is a border area and an area infamous for smuggling and terrorism from above. The question was, how did the intelligence department miss before the proposed rally of the Prime Minister? Did the DSP and his department not assess the ground reality before the Prime Minister’s rally? Sukhdev Singh’s answers on this were shocking.

Intelligence officer Sukhdev Singh told that before the Prime Minister’s rally in the sensitive area, he had told the ground reality every moment to his top officials in time. On January 2, he had made it clear that farmers’ unions would take to the streets to oppose the Prime Minister. The DSP and his team gathered information in every way. He shared the report of every day with every top officials. And at the same time, the officers were also warned many times about the danger.

CID’s DSP Sukhdev Singh gave moment-to-moment information to the SSP.

‘SSP was told’
Sukhdev says that the farmers already had a program to come on the road. The SSP i.e. the Prime Minister’s Special Security Group was alerted about this. The SSP of the district was informed even when the farmers left their places and when they crossed the barricade of Firoz Shah and started dharna. The work of intelligence is to give information before the incident, all that was done by our team.

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momentarily informed

On January 5 also, the intelligence team had spread their informers all over the area, who were keeping a close eye on the situation. And were making it clear that there is going to be a mess in the Prime Minister’s rally. It was clear in the SPG document that if the Prime Minister’s movement was by road due to bad weather, then the road would have to be sealed. But this did not happen. Even before the Prime Minister left Bathinda and got stuck in Ferozepur, the people of the Kisan Union were doing their agitation. It was because of him that the prime minister’s road was blocked. The intelligence department was sharing its information from moment to moment with top officials engaged in security arrangements on WhatsApp and phone.

Khalistan faction was also active against the rally

Not only the Kisan Union, the Khalistan faction was also active against the rally. Pannu of ‘Sikhs for Justice’ had announced a reward of one lakh dollars for the person showing the shoe to the Prime Minister. Despite this, the agitators were allowed to come in the way of the Prime Minister. To reveal the reason behind this, we met Kulgarhi SHO Birbal Singh in the same area.

The SHO said that the state government did not give any instructions to remove the protesters.

‘So what can be done’

SHO Birbal Singh said, “The truth is that there is anger among the people. His village is his place, so what should I do? The government does not tell us to beat them and or beat them with sticks. We do not have orders. What can you do if the agitators sit down insisting?

SPG already cleared

The SPG had made it clear to the Punjab Police in its message that the Prime Minister’s path will not be obstructed under any circumstances, if this happens, then the road will have to be cleared using force with immediate effect, but what should the Punjab Police also do. The state government had an order from above that the protesting farmers should not even touch their hands. If there was an order, Birbal Singh says that then he would have been thrown out of the way. But the police was not ordered to take strictness, but the police also knew that radical groups in the name of farmers are gathering to protest against the Prime Minister.

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‘These farmers are nothing’

Birbal Singh, in-charge of the police station, further said, “Everyone knows that there is conflict. Apparently on behalf of the farmers, he came and talked. I am an educated man, these farmers are nothing. These are all radicals. The name of the farmer has been taken. Anyone gathers from the farmer in the name.

PM’s convoy halted for 18 minutes

The protocols of the SPG say that the possible route of the PM should be sealed in advance, but the negligence of the police resulted in such that the place where the PM’s convoy stopped for 18 minutes, the entire market was open just below that flyover and also non-stop. Legal liquor contract was going on. At the same time, when the Prime Minister’s convoy passes, the police are deployed everywhere, but on that day 2 people of the Kisan Morcha came to the beloved village and provoked the villagers.

Shopkeeper Bikir told the Aaj Tak team that he was present at the time of the security lapse on January 5 and the shop remained open under the flyover.

Punjab Police stood as a mute spectator

With the security of the Prime Minister of the country, every moment on 5 January was played with. The Punjab Police stood as a mute spectator. By breaking the security cordon of the police on the road leading to the PM’s convoy, the people of the farmers union kept occupying them in their own arbitrary way. Thankfully, no untoward incident happened, in this the sheer negligence of the Punjab Police was visible.

SHO should have taken action: Verka

Regarding the sting of ‘Aaj Tak’, Punjab’s cabinet minister and government spokesperson said that a ruckus is being made. Where the PM reached, that area comes under the jurisdiction of BSF. So it is not fair to blame the Punjab Police. Verka further said, the truth is that the BJP people should accept their rally in Punjab was failing. 70 thousand seats were empty in the rally, so only this excuse was made.

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How did you go to Pakistan to eat Biryani?

Verka, a minister in Charanjit Singh Channi’s government, further said, “A security lapse has been pretended. It is being said that the Prime Minister was 50 km away from Pakistan, I ask that when he went to eat biryani in Pakistan, he was not in danger. Where were the RAW, IB and all the security agencies of the Center, you are making all these excuses only to defame the people of Punjab and Punjab.

Case should be registered against DGP: Congress MLA

Congress MLA from Ferozepur Parminder Singh Pinky said on the revelations of ‘Aaj Tak’ that the Prime Minister does not belong to any party, he belongs to the whole country. If there is a breach in the security of the PM, then an FIR should be registered against the DGP of Punjab. The MLA further told that CM Charanjit Singh Channi is serious in this matter. After this matter, the DGP of Punjab has been changed.

PM’s convoy was stuck in Firozpur

Significantly, on January 5, the biggest lapse was seen in the security of PM Modi during his visit to Ferozepur in Punjab. Some protesters created such a ruckus on the roads of Punjab that PM Modi’s convoy could not move forward and was stuck on a flyover for 15-20 minutes. Later the Prime Minister’s rally had to be canceled and Modi returned to Delhi.

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