Sulli Deal: A conspiracy against Muslim women was hatched on TRAD group, creator Omkareshwar Thakur spilled the beans – Sulli Deals Delhi Police IFSO unit arrest accused Aumkareshwar Thakur bulli bai trad group ntc

Story Highlights

  • The accused arrested 7 months after the case was registered
  • Police said- investigation of the case is going on

The IFSO unit of Delhi Police has now arrested the accused from Indore, Madhya Pradesh in the Sulli Deal case. The accused Omkareshwar Thakur is its main creator.

Omkareshwar is a student of BCA. It is alleged that this student of BCA is the main creator of Sully Deal app. Let us inform that Omkareshwar Thakur, a student of BCA, had prepared the Sulli deal in July last year. In this, Muslim women were being targeted.

The accused has revealed during interrogation that other people were also involved in the Sulli deal case besides him. Who played small roles in it. Police said that more arrests could be made in this case in the coming days.

Contact the mastermind of the bulli deals

Neeraj Bishnoi, who is said to be the mastermind of Bulli deals app, informed during the investigation that he is in touch with Omkareshwar Thakur. After this, the IFSC unit arrested Omkareshwar about seven months after the case was registered. In preliminary investigation, accused Omkareshwar Thakur has confessed that he was part of a trade group on Twitter where a particular community was targeted and maligned. The accused had joined the trade group in January 2020 using the Twitter handle @gangescion.

What is Trade Group?

The term “trad” is used on Twitter to refer to the traditionalist people who represent a certain ideology purely. This term has recently become popular in the context of bully bye and sulli deals. According to sources in the Cyber ​​Unit of Delhi Police, which keeps a close watch on social media, some of the trade accounts they have monitored during the investigation have been found to be indulging in online harassment and hate speech.

Instructions to “defame” women through trade groups

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According to Delhi Police sources, the trade group, Hindu Mahasabha was used to promote hate speech towards a particular community. The creator of the Sully Deals app came up with the idea of ​​creating an app through this group to defame the women of a particular community.

After the uproar in the Sulli deal case, the accused Omkareshwar had deleted all his social media accounts. The investigation of Delhi Police in both the cases is still on under the leadership of DCP IFSC Unit KPS Malhotra.

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