Sulli Deal: Who is the mastermind Omkeshwar Thakur, who used to lay the auction trap – Sulli Deal mastermind Omkeshwar Thakur such a web of auction was laid arrested ntc

Story Highlights

  • The mastermind was associated with the Trade Mahasabha in 2020
  • Vicious Omkeshwar Thakur is a student of BCA

Omkeshwar Thakur, the mastermind of the Sulli deal, also came under police custody on Sunday. Actually he was playing the whole game in a very clever way. But when the mastermind of Bulli Bai App spilled the secret, the reality came to the fore. Let us tell you that the mastermind Omkeshwar Thakur is a student of BCA. He had joined a group called Trade Mahasabha through Twitter handle @gangescion exactly two years ago today i.e. in January 2020.

This is how Sulli used to deal

Many people used to discuss this group daily. Meanwhile, the members of the group planned to troll the women of the Muslim community. After this the vicious Omkeshwar Thakur created an app, which he named GitHub. Then Vicious had prepared the Sully for Sale website. The mastermind used to extract information and personal photos from the Twitter handles of Muslim women and auction them publicly. This was the ‘Sully Deal’.

Photos taken out and put up for auction

Actually, the curtain came from this game when a user shared a snapshot of GitHub. Who hosted Sully Deals. In this, pictures of about 90 women of the Muslim community were shared. which were put up for auction. Let us tell you that the word ‘Sulli’ is considered extremely derogatory for Muslim women.

Evidence deleted after the uproar

Mastermind Omkeshwar Thakur deleted all the evidence along with deleting it from all social media platforms after the uproar over the Sulli Deal app. Pictures and codes related to Sulli Deal app are being traced. So that hidden in this game more people can be reached.

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