Sulli Deals App: 30 Fake Twitter Handles, Morphed Photos of Muslim Women…

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  • Omkareshwar Thakur is the mastermind of Sulli Deals
  • Thakur was arrested from Indore by Delhi Police

These days the matter of ‘Sulli Deals’ is in discussion. In this case, the police arrested a 26-year-old youth named Omkareshwar Thakur from Indore. During interrogation, Delhi Police has come to know that around 30 Twitter handles were used to upload morphed pictures of Muslim women for alleged ‘auction’ in the Sully Deals case.

Police said that Thakur has deleted the content from his laptop. Apart from this, the mobile phone of Niraj Bishnoi arrested from Assam in the case of ‘Bulli Bai’ and the laptop of Thakur have been sent to the National Forensic Science Lab. Police is trying to recover the data. Apart from this, in the Sulli Deals case, the police are also looking for those people who were using these fake Twitter handles.

Thakur slept during the day, worked at night

Omkareshwar Thakur was arrested from Indore on Saturday. Thakur is the creator of Sulli Deals App. During interrogation it was revealed that Thakur also ran his own web designing firm and had clients in the US as well.

During interrogation of his father, the police came to know that Thakur slept during the day and worked at night. When his father asked the reason for this, he told that due to the difference in time between India and America, he sleeps during the day, because most of his clients are from America. That’s why his father never doubted him.

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The accused have no remorse

Police said that both Thakur and Bishnoi have no remorse for their actions. Thakur is just sad that his family had to be embarrassed because of that.

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Police said that the accused were part of a group where talks were held about ancient traditions. The origin and fall of Hinduism was discussed.

According to the police, when the accused felt that they could not do anything for the downfall of Hinduism, they created several anonymous handles on Twitter. Use VPN to hide your identity.

Police suspect that at least 3 to 5 people were misusing these Twitter handles to put objectionable pictures on the Twitter handle through Sulli Deals App.

Code created on GitHub

Case was registered in July 2021 in Sulli Deals App case. Thakur is the first accused in this case who has been arrested. Thakur did BCA from IPS Academy in Indore and lived in New York. On Sunday, the court sent Thakur to four-day police custody.

Hundreds of Muslim women’s photos were uploaded on Sulli Deals App without their permission and tampered with. His pictures were listed for auction on this app.

– DCP (IFSO) KPS Malhotra told that in the initial interrogation, the accused have admitted that he was part of a group on Twitter where the idea of ​​humiliating and trolling Muslim women was shared.

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– DCP Malhotra told that after this he developed a code on GitHub. Access to this GitHub is given to all members of the group. The accused had also shared the link of the app on his Twitter account. Only members of the group used to upload pictures of Muslim women.

In the investigation so far, it has also been found that the accused had joined the group on Twitter named ‘Tradmahasabha’ in January 2020. For this, he had created a Twitter handle named @gangescion.

– The police told that the members of the group used to talk about trolling Muslim women. During interrogation, Thakur has confessed to making Sulli Deals App. Police said that as soon as the matter came to light, the accused deleted all the data from his laptop.

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Sulli Deals and Bulli Bai have a connection!

In the case of Bulli Bai App, the police has arrested 21-year-old Neeraj Bishnoi from Assam. Bishnoi is believed to be the mastermind of this app. Police said that investigation has revealed that Bishnoi used to talk on social media through virtual ID. Police said that during interrogation, Bishnoi has revealed that he was in touch with the person running the Twitter handle @sullideals.

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