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    While hearing the case of contempt of court, the SC commented, the Supreme Court said – the trend of attack on judges has become

The Supreme Court, while hearing a case of contempt of court, expressed concern over the increasing trend of targeting judges as soft targets. The court said, it has now become a fashion to make allegations against the judges or to make a deadly attack. The Supreme Court said, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh have the highest number of people doing this.

While hearing in the Supreme Court, Justice Chandrachud said, it is not appropriate to target the court or judges in every case. People should keep in mind that the stronger the judges, the worse the allegations, he said.

Supreme Court upheld the decision

On Monday, the Supreme Court upheld the order of the Madras High Court that sentenced a lawyer to 15 days imprisonment for contempt of court. During this hearing, Justice DY Chandrachud in the Supreme Court said that in recent years, the trend of attacks on judges has been shown across the country. He said, judges are being attacked.

Justice DY Chandrachud said, there is no security for judges even in district headquarters. In many places, there have been many occasions when judges do not even get a policeman with a stick for protection. Hearing in the contempt case, Justice Chandrachud said that lawyers are not above the law. They will also be punished for the offense of obstructing the justice process. Such lawyers are a blot on the legal profession. They should be dealt with strictly.

What’s the matter?

In fact, the Madras High Court had convicted advocate PR Adikeshavan on charges of criminal contempt and imposed a jail term of two weeks and a fine of Rs 2,000. The Supreme Court took a strong stand that the lawyer not only did not comply with the order, but did not appear despite the issue of warrant. Not only this, the lawyer had commented on his petition against the two judges.

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The Supreme Court said, the Madras High Court issued a non-bailable warrant against the lawyer. But 100 lawyers did not allow the warrant to be served at the tea stall. When the matter came back to the court, the lawyers accused the judge. Whereas imprisonment for two weeks for this contempt is actually a very minor punishment. Because for the offense of contempt, there is a provision of imprisonment for a maximum period of six months.

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