Tamil Nadu: Court summons ‘God’ to appear – tamilnadu god court shocking summon inside detail police ntc

Story Highlights

  • lower court summoned the idol of god
  • The idol was stolen, the judge wanted to inspect
  • Madras High Court reversed the decision

Many priceless idols have been stolen from ancient temples of Tamil Nadu. One such idol of Moolvar was also stolen. Now due to the swift investigation of the police, that idol came back, but the order given by the lower court left everyone stunned. On behalf of the court, a summon was sent to God to come.

This decision of the lower court was overturned by the Madras High Court. First of all, he expressed his displeasure over how any judge can summon God. How can I ask the idol of God to come to the court?

For information, let us tell you that all this controversy happened because of the idol of Moolvar. A few days ago that idol was stolen from the temple. Later, taking swift action, the police found that idol and then installed it in the temple with full customs. But after that establishment, the judge of the lower court said that it is necessary to inspect the idol. In such a situation, he asked to present the idol in the court for that inspection.

Efforts were made to remove the installed idol to comply with the order of the judge. But seeing this, the local people got angry and a person filed a petition in the High Court. That petition was about how one can summon Murthy. Now the High Court has expressed its anger. It has been said on their behalf that they are surprised that how can a judge pass such a decision.

The High Court has insisted that the Advocate Commissioner could have been appointed by a judge in such cases. In such a situation, the Advocate Commissioner could prepare a detailed report in collaboration with the temple authorities. If this happens, the devotion of the devotees would have been respected and the inspection of the idol would also have been successful.

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