Telangana: Farmer found gold and silver coins and ornaments in the field, know what happened then – Treasure Found pot gold silver coins ornament Farmer Farm Telangana ornament police revenue officer Telangana tstc

Story Highlights

  • Farmer got gold and silver coins in the field
  • Gold and silver coins were found in an earthen pot
  • Quarrel between brothers over partition
  • Revenue department team seized the pitcher

During excavation, a farmer in Telangana found an earthen pot, which contained gold, silver coins and some ornaments. There is something written in Urdu language on all the coins. Seeing which it is believed that these coins will be of Mughal period. The farmer quietly took the pot to his house.

For a long time, the farmer kept this thing hidden from everyone, but somehow his brother got to know about this treasure. Then there was talk of partition between the two. Then a quarrel started between the two. Then the matter reached the elders of the village. Until this matter could be resolved, but the officials of the Revenue Department got to know about it.

The officer took the pitcher with him

As soon as the information was received, the officials of the Revenue Department reached the spot and seized the pot and took it with them. It is being told that the farmer was fixing the bund in the field, during that time he found coins of gold and silver in the pitcher. It has 19 silver and five gold coins. Apart from this, there are also some ornaments. Something is written on the coins in Urdu language. There was a quarrel between the two brothers over the treasure to be found from the farm and the matter spread throughout the area.

quarrel between two brothers over treasure

As soon as the information was received, the police along with the officers of the Revenue Department also reached the spot and seized the gold, silver coins including the pitcher and took them with them. Apart from this, the police also inspected the place from where the farmer got this treasure. The price of this priceless treasure is being told in lakhs.

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Farmer now regrets this

At the same time, many types of rumors have spread in the village regarding this treasure. The farmer also regrets the loss of this treasure. The matter is being investigated. Villagers believe that some more treasure can be found from the farm. The police is keeping a serious eye on this.

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