Telangana: Tension with TRS MLAs..MP, MLAs..the real thing is ..

TRS MLAs .. Tension with MPs and MLAs: TRS MLAs .. Tension with MPs and MLAs. Doesn’t seem new. What just happened. Like .. there is still a lot to see. Going into the actual matter .. some of the present MLAs .. are looking to contest as MLAs in the coming elections. Accordingly .. Politics was also started in the constituencies. With this .. in some places in the ruling party .. you are facing a new problem with the struggle for supremacy. And .. to face the MPs, MLAs .. What are the MLAs doing? What are you going to do?

All the sitting MLAs in the ruling party are hoping that the ticket will be theirs even in the coming elections. Will be in the crowd from now on. However .. in some segments .. MLCs and MPs are worried about unforeseen implications. Even if the party is given a chance twice .. this time the opportunity will come .. or there are doubts. In the same constituency .. there are two or three key leaders. MLCs are still in office as MPs .. They are sending signals that they are interested in contesting as MLAs in the coming elections. This .. has now become a hot topic in many places.

Bhanuprasad, who is the MLC in the joint Karimnagar district .. Sai says to get into the ring from Peddapalli. Peddapalli MP Netakani Venkatesh also .. uvvillurutunnatu to contest as an MLA .. Talk is heard in the cadre. However .. The interesting point is who gets the blessings of superiority. Pochampally Srinivas Reddy, who has been active in the party since the beginning of the movement in Warangal district, should also be given a chance to contest as an MLA. In the district .. Psy is saying to compete wherever given a chance .. Whispers are heard. With this .. there is a debate going on as to whose berth .. the earth will be laid. Minister Satyavati Rathore is also hoping to contest from Dornakal in the coming elections. MP Maloth Kavitha is also looking to contest as an MLA from Dornakal or Mahabubabad.

In Vikarabad district Tandur .. MLC Patnam Mahender Reddy .. He has already said that he is sure to contest in the coming elections. Get down to the ground .. Tours are also taking place. With this .. will sitting MLA pilot Rohit Reddy get a chance in the coming elections? The debate started in the cadre as to whether the party would win the city. In Nagar Kurnool district, MLC Kasireddy Narayanareddy did not get a chance to contest from Kalvakurthi in the last elections. This time .. it looks like Dheema Kasireddy will definitely get a ticket in the category.

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The poem that continues as an MLC in Nizamabad .. Will he contest as an MP again in the coming elections? Will the assembly stand in the ring? There is a heated debate going on in the district on that. But she .. seems to be going to the legislature .. whispers are heard. Kotireddy, who was recently elected as an MLA in Nalgonda district, is ready to contest as an MLA from Nagarjunasagar. Signs are being sent to the cadre. The sitting MLAs in all the constituencies we have mentioned so far .. if they get any chance .. are putting the brakes on the leaders in the Assembly race. With this .. the struggle for supremacy in the constituencies increased. However .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. …

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