The Chinese Foreign Minister suddenly reached Kabul, will the dragon make friends with the Taliban? – China foreign minister makes surprise stop in Afghanistan ntc

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    China has mining and economic interests in Afghanistan, China’s foreign minister reached Kabul after visiting Pakistan

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi suddenly surprised everyone by reaching Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. After reaching Kabul, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with the rulers of the Taliban of Afghanistan. The Chinese foreign minister has met the Taliban rulers in Afghanistan at a time when he himself expressed displeasure over not opening schools up to class VI in Afghanistan.

According to the Bakhtar news agency, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met Taliban leaders to discuss various issues. During this, issues of political relations, economic matters and mutual cooperation were also discussed.

Afghanistan is trying to get the economy back on track
The Taliban took power in Afghanistan in August last year after the end of 20 years of war with the US and NATO in Afghanistan. Since then, the Taliban has been trying to gain international recognition so that it can get its economy back on track, which has been falling steadily since its arrival.

Will Dragon make friends with Taliban?
Even though China has been refusing to recognize the Taliban, but it is in constant contact with it. After the visit of the Chinese Foreign Minister to Kabul, there is speculation that Dragon may soon extend a hand of friendship to the Taliban. However, China has not yet given any indication of recognizing the Taliban.

China will benefit from befriending Taliban
China has mining and economic interests in Afghanistan. According to Afghan sources aware of talks between the Taliban and Chinese officials, China wants assurances from the Taliban rulers that they will not allow Chinese Uighur insurgents to conduct operations from here. According to reports, members of the ‘East Turkestan Movement’ of the Uighurs, who are demanding an independent country in northwest China, are present in Afghanistan. Apart from this, Uighur rebels are in contact with an organization affiliated to Islamic State in Khorajan province.

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Let us tell you that despite persistent reports about Beijing’s tough action against minority Muslim Uighurs in China’s northwestern province of Xinjiang, Wang was made a special guest at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) foreign ministers meeting held in neighboring Pakistan this week. was welcomed in.

In this meeting, Wang appealed for talks to end the war in Ukraine. But none of the IIC member countries, including Pakistan, raised their voice against China’s harsh actions against Muslim minorities, including the demolition of mosques and the jailing of Uighur Muslims involved in religious activities.

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