The effect of the booster may be less, the fourth dose may be necessary. Booster may have less effect, fourth dose may be necessary

digital desk, Washington. Given the effectiveness of the booster against COVID-19 is likely to decrease over time, people may need a fourth dose to boost their immunity.

Moderna CEO Stephane Bansel said people who received booster doses last year are likely to have adequate protection against coronavirus this season, as people congregate indoors to avoid the cold. And during this time they are more prone to infection.

He said the effectiveness of the booster could decline over the course of several months, as was the case with those taking the first two doses.

Referring to the power of booster shots, Bansal said, “I would be surprised when we get data in the coming weeks that it is providing good protection to people over time.”

On the other hand, Oxford vaccine expert Sir Andrew Pollard recently said that a regular booster dose every four-six months to fight Kovid may not be a permanent way to prevent Kovid infection.

The Daily Mail quoted Pollard as saying, “Giving booster vaccines to everyone every six months cannot be continued consistently.”

We cannot vaccinate people in the world every four to six months, said Pollard, principal investigator of the Oxford Kovid Vaccine Trials and director of Oxford. It is not durable. In the future, attention needs to be paid to those whose immune system is weak.

The Oxford Vaccine Group has developed the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Sky News quoted Pollard as saying

Today, less than 10 percent of people in low-income households have taken their first dose, so the whole idea of ​​a fourth dose globally does not make sense.

According to Pollard, future vaccination campaigns should target the most vulnerable, rather than all adults.

In the wake of Omicron’s rapid spread around the world, Israel has introduced a fourth dose for the over 60 age group, while health officials in Germany, the UK and France are planning a second booster.

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